Property Management Acquisition

Reward Yourself
Monetize Your Platform

ProperXPM offers selling partners a unique opportunity to obtain immediate liquidity in addition to long-term value creation through co-investment and partial platform ownership.


Premium Pricing

Earn top of market pricing through premium position offering.


Staff Retention

We aim to keep your staff in place and provide long-term career growth opportunities.


Time & Capital

Free up time and capital while earning additional value with tech-forward XPM platform ownership.


Best-In-Class Tech Enablement

Residents enjoy keyless entry, contactless maintenance, and seamless package delivery in a digital, tech-forward community*.

*Resident enabled features vary per property

Asset Owner Benefits

Asset owners will experience the benefits of ProperXPM through increased NOI and property value; delivering an increase in NOI of 5-10% through increased revenue, tech-forward processes, and centralized support for on-site teams.

Higher Rent
Increased Resident Retention
Improved Efficiency for Staff
Additional Revenue Streams
Centralized Back Office

White Labeling

ProperXPM values property owner/operator branding and communicates with your residents in your brand voice and imagery.  Through our unique white-label marketing program, you control how ProperXPM engages with your residents – through the ProperXPM brand or white labeled for you.

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