Third-Party Management

Earn More Spend Less

ProperXPM is committed to excellence by leveraging a tech-forward approach. We optimize customer experiences through digital tools, maintaining a lean staffing model, and centralized off-site support. This streamlines building operations, lowers costs, and boosts renewal rates, resulting in materially higher Net Operating Income (NOI) for property owners.

Earn 5-10% higher NOI with ProperXPM


Increased Renewals


Higher Occupancy


Best-In-Class Tech Enablement


Data Driven Decisions

Tech-Forward Experience

Property Owner Experience

Consolidated Hub

Consolidated hub to manage resident experience

Time savings of up to 60+ hours per month through automation and streamlined processes

Increased renewal rates by 18%+

Improved resident experience without incremental workload

Higher NOI through increased efficiency, streamlined technology, and additional revenue streams

Resident Experience

One-App Solution

One App to act as remote control for living experience

Easy access to utility needs, property amenities, services, and more

Modern and streamlined user experience

Connection with property community including other residents and staff

Increased Revenue

Asset owners will experience the benefits of ProperXPM through increased NOI and property value;  delivering an increase in NOI of 5-10% through increased revenue, tech-first processes, and centralized support for on-site teams.

The Resident Experience

Residents are welcomed home to a curated community.

As residents navigate the realm of Experiential Property Management (XPM), they encounter state-of-the-art keyless technology, expedited maintenance services, and seamless package delivery – offered in a resident-centric community that is as authentic as they are.

smart living



Rent Payment







White Labeling

ProperXPM values property owner/operator branding and communicates with your residents in your brand voice and imagery.  Through our unique white-label marketing program, you control how ProperXPM engages with your residents – through the ProperXPM brand or white labeled for you.

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